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Karin Flach-Zierer

Karin Flach-Zierer

Head of Business Unit Personal Care

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Instant Beauty – Fast-Action Solutions

Ready meal delivery services, friend–to–friend payment services, AI... In our frenetically digitalized world, consumers expect their wishes to be instantly fulfilled. Beauty is no…


Looking for green alternatives?

Check our alternatives to silicone oils and silicone elastomers, acrylate-based thickeners, scrub particles & film formers and to mineral oils and their derivatives!


Lab-Grown Raw Materials – Biotechnology in Personal Care

Biotechnology offers the opportunity to develop science-based ingredients, while sourcing them without harming the environment. 


Oil Inclusive – The next inspiration from the IMPAG Lab

Our Applications Laboratory has brought the Oil Inclusive project to life. It is all about embracing the multitudinous variety of oils out there...


Phyto Alternatives in the field of Active Ingredients

Are you looking for phyto alternatives (retinol-like, phyto-ceramides, and Botox-like)?


Beauty in the Flow

Extraordinary sensory effects and super-supple textures: Our Application Lab has dveloped ready solutions for many different needs, formats, and applications.



We show you current "Trends, Textures and Treatments" around the trend theme "Guochao", which describes the growing popularity of local Chinese brands.


Dermocosmetics Trend

Health and well-being are becoming increasingly important, and with them the need for targeted skin care.

For the development of such dermatological cosmetic products, active…


Feeling Beauty

Innovation doesn’t always mean new technology, rather it can also be simply the joy of experiencing a product. In this concept, our IMPAG LAB presents textures with exciting…


The skin as a mirror of the soul

IMPAG presents skin care concepts for anti-skin fatigue that support the functions of the skin's protective barrier during stressful times.


Modular Beauty

Make more out of your formulation: Modular Beauty shows you how you can adapt three innovative base formulations to different customer needs in just a few steps.


Beauty Reloaded

2020 turned our lives upside down. In the cosmetics industry, too, new needs and consumer behaviours have appeared that are affecting the market development.