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Modular Beauty

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Modular Beauty: Make more out of your formulation!

Modularity is of great importance in the beauty and personal care industry.

It can help shorten the time to market and can lead to leaner internal processes. Modular formulations can additionally serve as a brand recognition factor.

The Modular Beauty concept was inspired by a specific kind of modularity, namely the adaptation of base formulations to specific customer needs and expectations.

Modular Beauty shows you how you can adapt three innovative base formulations to different customer needs in just a few steps.


Adaptation of innovative base formulations

These customer needs arise from the current trend of Positivity and Happy Cosmetics. The greatest inspiration comes from the four target groups: GEN Z, GEN Y, Young Families, and Men.

According to a study by Euromonitor, for 51% of those surveyed, beauty is foremost a synonym for “looking healthy”, followed by “feeling good” and “being confident”. 

It is therefore hardly surprising that modern consumers respond well to “happy beauty products” that increase their emotional wellbeing and thereby positively influence their skin’s complexion and appearance.

It is therefore the cosmetics industry’s challenge to fulfil this need for positivity and respond appropriately to each target group.


IMPAG LAB Solutions!

With Modular Beauty, we have created a concept for you to get onboard with the current “Happy Beauty” trend and develop suitable care products for specific target groups. 

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