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Beauty in the Flow

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Beauty in the Flow

Dr. Leslie Schlüter

Senior Sales & Product Manager Personal Care

IMPAG Import GmbH

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Cosmetic products with extraordinary sensory effects and super-supple textures turn an ordinary beauty routine into a special moment, but developing these products is also a major challenge.

Many consumers are being more conscious about finding functional cosmetics that have mild, non-irritating formulas. At the same time, people are starting to care more than ever about the scientific background of active cosmetic ingredients. Consumers today are accordingly researching the effects of ingredients in great detail before buying.

This new generation of consumers have also earned the name “skintellectuals”. In the hair care segment, we are seeing more and more products for scalp care, which falls into a grey area between hair care and skin care, and we speak of the “skinification” of hair care. Our Application Lab has risen to these challenges and developed ready solutions for many different needs, formats, and applications.

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