Disconnect from Water Consumption Disconnect from Water Consumption
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Disconnect from Water Consumption

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Disconnect from Water Consumption

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Water – a precious resource

Clear water is and always has been a precious resource. Even today, 748 million people have no access to drinking water. 

Yet, worldwide water consumption is now six times higher than it was 100 years ago. And it will continue to increase: climate change, pollution, and evolving market needs due to overpopulation will increase the need for water in many different areas. 

As a result, we will be increasingly called upon to manage the way we use water in our daily lives. Many consumers are becoming more conscious and economical in their use of water, and are also expecting brands and manufacturers to come up with contemporary solutions. 


Waterless Beauty is on the rise

Water is one of the most-used ingredients in cosmetic formulations. As a solvent or as an inexpensive filler, but without any true effect on the skin, water is found – labelled as “aqua” – in just about every cosmetic product out there. Yet, water is not only contained in the product itself, rather it is consumed in the manufacturing process and often in the application of the product as well. 

Market observations show that many manufacturers and brands are reducing water consumption by producing more concentrates. On the one hand, less water is needed in concentrated formulations and, on the other hand, concentrates are especially economical, given that the consumer only needs to apply very small amounts. 

Solid cosmetic products can also be found in practically all areas of cosmetics now, such as skin cleansing, skin care, hair care, and dental care products.


Disconnect from Water Consumption

According to Mintel, solid, water-free or low-water cosmetics will be one of the key topics of the cosmetics industry by 2025, and the beauty and personal care segments will have to be more conscious than ever about their water consumption in the future. 

In our concept, we present consumer insights and diverse examples on the market, as well as our own formulas created for you.


Solutions from the IMPAG Application Lab

For your inspiration, our Application Lab has developed formulas that take different approaches to protecting the resource water. Naturally, these also take other current trends into account, such as sulfate-free products, mild surfactants, and high natural origin content (NOC). 

Created for you:

  • 6 Formulations for the Personal Care Industry 
  • 4 Formulations for the Home Care Industry


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