Disconnect from Plastics Disconnect from Plastics
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Disconnect from Plastics

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Disconnect from Plastics

Dr. Leslie Schlüter

Senior Sales & Product Manager Personal Care

IMPAG Import GmbH

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Public perception and condemnation of plastic waste in oceans, rivers and nature has heightened dramatically in recent years. The origin of plastic wastes in nature is highly diverse, and not primarily attributable to cosmetics. Nevertheless, cosmetics are also under heavy scrutiny. 

A Multifaceted Challenge

Solid microplastic particles in the form of exfoliating bodies have already been discredited for some time. An additional hurdle is the replacement of liquid plastic in cosmetic products. This is exactly the challenge that our experts have taken up and, with a holistic approach, have created solutions that can be seen and above all felt!



Discover our alternatives!

The IMPAG Group’s application laboratory has developed formulations specifically for each area of our “Disconnect from plastics” concept.

  • RHEOLOGY: Substitute for synthetic polymers 
  • TEXTURE: Discover natural alternatives to PMMA and Nylon-12
  • ZERO WASTE: Less packaging through solid forms 
  • EXFOLIATION: Renewable and biodegradable exfoliating materials


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