Active lifestyle and longevity associate with holistic health, including bone and joint health  Active lifestyle and longevity associate with holistic health, including bone and joint health
Written by Tina Shafiei Birkhofer

Active lifestyle and longevity associate with holistic health, including bone and joint health

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Active lifestyle and longevity associate with holistic health, including bone and joint health

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The aging population and rising longevity stays relevant as consumer‘s health topic. Newly launched supplements for joint and bone health surpass those for immune health. There is potential in solutions for muscle strength, recovery and new formulations in these segments.

The variety of factors influencing bone and joint health

Bone, muscles and joints are the main elements for the body movement. They build the musculoskeletal system along with cartilage, connective tissues, ligaments and tendons. The musculoskeletal system change throughout aging, injuries and disorders which can damage bone, muscles and joints. Many factors such as aging, lifestyle, gender, hormone, stress and family history can affect bone and joint health.


The added benefits of supplementation to a healthy lifestyle

There is  important to turn the attention to healthy aging  and preventive care during adulthood to protect bone and joint structures.

Physical activity, well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle have positive impact on maintaining the good bone and joint health.

Supplementation can boost your bone and joint health with key ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, amino acids and innovative products with multi active ingredients.


A new shift in consumer priorities after Covid-19

According to the recent information presented by IQVIA the following key consumer trends expected to drive the consumer health market.  

Out of the six identified consumer priority shifts, the aging population and rising longevity does stick out. This has been a continuing trend the last few decades. Bone and joint health does play a big part here, as mobility and movement is a key factor. We see a big increase in newly launched products for correspondent areas.

Although the consumers are boosting their immunity further, almost 55 Percent of new product launches belong to the bone and joint health supplements. Interestingly, these two areas combined are larger than immune health supplements, despite the boost it gained since the Covid-19 pandemic.


Top positionings as a percentage (%) of sports nutrition & supplements launches tracked with skin health claims (global, October 2022 – September 2023):

We see potential in new ideas for different solutions, such as muscle strength, recovery and innovative formulation for bone and joint health. It is also important to keep in mind the regulatory and technical challenges.

You can contact us if you want to

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  • Extend your brand by adding natural ingredients
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