Our new partnership with Arandovo

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Arandovo. 

About Arandovo, is a company inside Pascual Group (One of the bigger dairy company in Spain). Arandovo works under the concept of  circular economy as a model of production and consumption, making the most of the eggshells that are generated by the group, obtaining valuables ingredients to be used in food supplements and functional foods.

About IMPAG: IMPAG is an independent, outward-looking trading company that focuses on the procurement and distribution of raw materials and active ingredients, professional consulting and technical support, and end-to-end logistics in the Life Science sector.

We complement our portfolio with MKARE, a natural ingredient with various clinical studies. MKARE is a branded ingredient based on 100% natural eggshell membrane, this multi-functional branded ingredient naturally contains a unique source of key bioactive compounds that has more than one purpose. The membrane helps to maintain the wellbeing of your joints and to have a healthy skin, hair and nails, a whole world of benefits in one single ingredient.

Please send your inquiries and orders directly to the responsible sales manager in your country. 

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