IMPAG Deutschland takes part in the „Healthy Company Challenge“ IMPAG Deutschland takes part in the „Healthy Company Challenge“

IMPAG Deutschland takes part in the „Healthy Company Challenge“

800 000 steps in 100 days! This is the goal that a team of 15 IMPAG employees has set for itself, as part of the ‘Healthy Company Challenge’, which is organized by the HKK health insurance company

The goal is to virtually cover the distance from Munich to Bremen, which is more than 700 km! This is done by collecting as many steps as possible, but also with many other sporting activities, which can then be converted into steps.

Why such a challenge?

“The idea behind this challenge is to move more, to emphasize the importance of health in the workplace and to share the joy of being active together. It is important for us to promote the health of our employees and to offer appropriate opportunities. We have a long history of participating in company runs and are always looking for new ideas for team sports activities. It's also a great opportunity to review and improve our company health management and improve it!

With this challenge in particular, we liked the fact that it's not just about individual performance, but also about team success. You can feel a lot of enthusiasm in the team. There's a lot of dialogue and it's great fun for everyone. Whether it's the big walk with the dog, new hobbies such as Hoopla Hoop or a walk with friends after work, we give it our all!” Vera Maienschein, Managing Director IMPAG Import GmbH