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UPCYCLING Too good to waste: do your skin and the environment a favour!

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UPCYCLING Too good to waste: do your skin and the environment a favour!

Dr. Leslie Schlüter

Senior Sales & Product Manager Personal Care

IMPAG Import GmbH

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Sustainability has long since become more than a temporary trend. In times when consumers are looking for natural formulations and demanding responsible treatment of nature, the topic is still gaining importance and is even developing into an essential selling point for cosmetic brands.

Young people, especially, are paying increasing attention to the issues of ingredients, environmental protection, and ecology. Furthermore, the amount of waste accrued by the processing industry has been increasing nonstop over the years, and many production processes give off various kinds of by-products that are in fact rich in valuable ingredients.

This is where upcycling comes in: the conversion of seemingly useless by-products into substances that are as good as new ones. Making full use of all components in a process reduces the demand for newly sourced raw materials, which ultimately protects the resources we have left.

Together with our supply partners, we are able to offer a multitude of innovative active ingredients and functional raw materials that meet consumers’ expectations and their demand for greater sustainability.

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