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23.-25. October 2019

IMPAG at SEPAWA Congress 2019

IMPAG presented numerous trend topics at the SEPAWA Congress 2019 in Berlin  both in the field of Personal Care and Home Care.

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- Ausgewählte Formulierungen aus unserem anwendungstechnischen Labor
- Vielfältige Konzepte zum Clean Beauty Trend
- Nachhaltige, innovative Wirkstoffe und Functionals
- Mineralische Sonnenformulierungen mit Velvet-Touch
- Ganzheitliche Home Care Konzepte
- Umweltverträgliche Rohstoffe für effiziente Reinigung 
- ...

Review: in-cosmetics 2019

Thank you for visiting!

Thanks for your visit!

Many thanks for visiting us at the in-cosmetics exhibition from 2 to 4 April 2019 in Paris!

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Our team will be happy to support you in your product developments and future projects. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Oktober 10. - 12. 2018

SEPAWA Congress 2018


The 2018 SEPAWA Congress took place in Berlin from October 10 -12. IMPAG has presented the following trend topics...

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Personal Care:

- WOW Effect (Feel the sensation, Instant effect, optical highlights)
- Exposome Concepts (Anti-Digital-Aging, Cell repair, Anti-Pollution shield)
- Super food Actives (Shisandra berries, Chia seed oil, Wild yam root)
- Clean Care (Skin Detox, HIPEgel technology–less is more, Mild surfactants)

Home Care:

- SILAPHOS PRODUCTS: Ethoxylated phosphate esters – the allrounders
- VERSATILE PROPERTIES OF BRITESIL®: Silicates for application in cleaning products
- MMB (3-METHOXY-3-METHYL-1-BUTANOL): The excellent “green” solvent, binder and humectant
- AMINO ACID BASED SURFACTANTS (SARCOSINATES): Versatile properties for cleaning applications
- ECO-FRIENDLY SOLVENTS: The VOC-free alternatives
- THE RHEO2GREEN SERIES: The perfect natural micellar thickening solution for mild rinse-off products
- CHLORHEXIDINE: A high-quality antiseptic for a broad range of indications

Review: April 17 - 19

in-cosmetics 2018 in Amsterdam

[Translate to English:] Texture Bar in-cosmetics 2018

The in-cosmetics global took place in Amsterdam from 17-19 April 2018. IMPAG presented...

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IMPAG presented 50 innovative formulations convering 8 trend Topics as well as the unique technology Clixperience. This new technology is a perfect way for cosmetics manufacturers to stand apart from the competition in the cosmetics market, and to elicit a “Wow” response from their customers.

18. - 20. October 2017

SEPAWA Congress 2017

The SEPAWA Congress took place for the first time in Berlin, in the Congress Center of Germany’s biggest Hotel. Our Personal Care and Home Care Teams enjoyed the numerous visits at the IMPAG stand!

4. - 6. April 2017, London

in-cosmetics 2017

Innovation at the latest in-cosmetics in London: IMPAG presented its first Texture Bar!

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Our guests could discover more than 25 formulations convering 11 key topics like Suncare, Rinse-Off, Texture Additives, modern Skin Care and so much more.

Feel free to contact us to hear more!

4. - 6. April 2017

European Coatings Show 2017, Nuremberg

As every two years,  the European Coatings Show was an important gathering of the coatings and paint industry.

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Our teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland presented our product range for the Coatings industry and welcomed many visitors from all over the world.


We were pleased to have you at our stand and thank you for your visit!



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