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ShiGENA and ShiVENA – glycidyl & vinyl esters of neodecanoic acid

ShiGENA and ShiVENA are neodecanoic acid esters produced by our partner Hebei Shield Excellence Technology Ltd. in a proprietary process. Hebei Shield also directly produces the precursor product, neodecanoic acid.

ShiGENA is the glycidyl ester of highly branched neodecanoic acid. With its epoxy group, ShiGENA is highly versatile in its reactivity, making it suitable for many different synthetic resins and polymers. Specifically, ShiGENA can be used as:

  • an intermediate for polyester-, acrylate- and epoxy-based coatings
  • a reactive diluent in polyester- and/or acrylate-based paints, varnishes, and adhesives
  • a reactive diluent in epoxy systems: typically in solvent-free, room-temperature-hardening coatings for the construction and flooring industry

ShiGENA lends end products, among other things, greater chemical resistance, improved surface hardness, excellent curing behaviour (especially at room temperature), and better crystallization behaviour.

The corresponding product is ShiVENA, the vinyl ester of neodecanoic acid as a highly branched C10 carboxylic acid. ShiVENA is a colourless and low-viscosity liquid and an attractive monomer for its reactive vinyl group. ShiVENA lends the final polymer a unique combination of the following properties that improve stability in outdoor applications, in particular:

  • flexibility (due to medium to low Tg)
  • UV resistance
  • water resistance
  • chemical resistance

A popular application for ShiVENA is as a comonomer of vinyl acetate polymers. Further applications include, among others:

  • decorative emulsion paints and plasters
  • industrial coatings such as wood varnishes or corrosion inhibitors
  • redispersible powders for mortar admixtures
  • wood glues, construction chemicals, and pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • reactive diluent for heat-curing unsaturated polyesters

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Glycidyl and vinyl esters of neodecanoic acid