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GUAR DERIVATIVES: Efficient rheology additives for water-based paints

The Jingkun Guarsafe® series is a range of non-ionic, high molecular weight, etherified polysac-charide-based polymers obtained from renewable sources (guar beans).Guarsafe® JK701S and 701SH are specifically developed for water-based paints.

When used in water or in a slightly acidic environment, the special surface treatment of JK701S and 701SH causes a delay in water uptake and thus swelling. This allows for easy dispersion in water without clumping even at high concentrations. An increase in pH can also accelerate swelling. Another benefit of this surface treatment is resi¬stance to microbial contamination.

In the end product, the rheological additives Guarsafe® JK701S and 701SH impress for their:

  •  Excellent thickening properties
  •  Pseudoplastic behaviour
  •  Optimal water binding capacity Good dispersibility in water
  •  Stabilizing properties
  •  Prevention of coagulation and flocculation
  •  Control of open time
  •  Prevention of drop formation and application problems



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