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inhibispheres® – innovative, environmentally friendly anticorrosion system

Our new supply partner Ceramisphere Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, Australia, uses an innovative and unique microencapsulation process. The company’s main product line is their submicron-sized ceramic particles, inhibispheres®.

The corrosion inhibitors are encapsulated in porous silica particles, which become activated either during a rupture of the coating or by the presence of water in the paint film. The contents of the capsules are released through the porous matrix and diffuse rapidly to the corrosion site. 

Encapsulation enables the use of inhibitors that would normally destabilize the final product.


The particles are mechanically resistant and can survive paint formulation processes unharmed (e.g. mixing, grinding or extrusion). Furthermore, they have no adverse impact on the mechanical properties of the coating.

This unique system has appealing advantages:

  • environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • significantly less active content required (10–30 times less) 
  • requires no additional labelling on the final product 
  • metal-free, purely organic inhibitors available
  • little to no influence on gloss (direct-to-metal)
  • no negative impact on product properties like adhesion, appearance or chemical resistance


Below are some interesting results from inhibispheres® test series:

DIN 50 021 salt spray test

inhibispheres® can improve the corrosion resistance of an anticorrosion coating (as demonstrated after 500 hours in a salt spray test).


Direct-to-metal coatings

1. Commercial Primer (containing 10% ZnPO4 primer) + Top Coat
2. Top Coat only (containing 10% inhibisphere® ZB)


In this test, two coatings were put through the 500-hour salt spray test. inhibispheres® ZB allows for the potential replacement of a primer and topcoat system by a single coating (direct-to-metal) with equal performance. This represents significant savings of cost and time.


inhibispheres® are available in various sizes and release rates:

Release rate Aluminium Protection Steel Protection Matrix Size
FAST inhibispheres®-B inhibispheres®-ZS Silica <20 μm
MEDIUM ceramisphere-H inhibispheres®-ZB Hybrid Silica -0.5 μm
SLOW inhibispheres®-M inhibispheres®-A & M Hybrid Silica -0.5 μm

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or requests for samples of these innovative products.