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Dibasic esters – these are environmentally friendly alternatives to methylene chloride or NMP

DBEs are highly effective solvents that impress for their dissolving diversity and their rate of dissolution. DBEs are especially attractive for applications in which “traditional” solvents are unwanted or prohibited, and are suitable for substituting almost any conventional solvent.
DBEs exhibit impressive solubility even for hardened residues. Thanks to excellent film-forming properties, these esters also perform well as coalescents. 

Typical applications for DBEs are

  • Paint strippers
  • Paints and coatings
  • Resins & binders
  • Solvent mixtures for cleaning machines
  • Plasticizers

The DBEs from Radici Chimica SPA are available in two variants: as dimethyl-esters (DBE) and as diisobuytl-esters (DBE-IB).

Contentmin. 99 %min. 98.5 %
AppearanceColourless, transparent liquidColourless, transparent liquid
Distillation range196-235 °C275–295 °C
Flashpoint99 °C99 °C
Typical distribution of esters20–35 % dimethyl adipate
40–60 % dimethyl glutarate
15–25 % dimethyl succinate
15–40 % diisobutyl adipate
45–65 % diisobutyl glutarate
15–25 % diisobutyl succinate

If you are interested, we will gladly provide you with samples and further product information.

The environmentally friendly alternatives to methylene chloride or NMP