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Builder for regulating bulk density

Under the name “Britesil”, our partner PQ Corporation offers soluble silicates that have been developed specifically for use in powder cleaners, dishwasher detergents and laundry detergents.

Besides being outstanding builders, silicates also lend themselves to regulating bulk density and offer the following advantages and properties:

  • High liquid carrying capacity (LCC)
  • Buffer action and alkalinity: Britesil silicates have outstanding buffer capacity, which is very important for optimizing cleaners. The active alkalinity of silicates neutralizes the saponification of fats and oils and thus helps in the emulsification of greasy stains
  • High binding capacity for Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions: By binding Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions in water, the water becomes softer, allowing the surfactant system to work more efficiently
  • Wetting: Silicates lower the surface tension of water and thereby increase wettability
  • Stabilization of the bleach system: In addition to its builder function, Britesil stabilizes the bleach system not only during the wash process but also while the powder is being stored
  • Corrosion-inhibition: Britesil acts as a corrosion inhibitor by forming a protective layer on metal, glass and ceramics
  • Excellent binding properties, which play an important role in the manufacture of tablets
Builder for regulating bulk density



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