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Home care and cleaning industry: We specialise in raw materials for washing detergent and cleaning products and provide green, efficient solutions.

Raw materials for the Home Care sector

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Home Care

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Here you will find information on products for the detergent and cleaning products industry.



MMB in Air Care Products: The alternative to conventional solubilizers

MMB (3-Methoxy-3-Methyl-1-Butanol) makes it easier to work perfumes into liquid systems...


Concentrates and low water formulations

With the focal topic „Disconnect from Water Consumption”, we present you with conceptual and innovative solutions for „Waterless Home Care”.


Plant extracts for detergents and cleaning agents

Classical or extravagant? Regular or exotic?

Discover our plant extracts, and lend your formulations that something special! 


Efficient solubilizers with low application concentrations

A challenge for many producers of cosmetics and cleansing products is getting raw materials of different polarities to solubilize easily and efficiently in formulations. 


Making desinfectants feel better to the skin

Disinfectants have become our constant companions over the past months, and form the basis for all hygiene concepts. We are happy to present to you various active and functional…


RESIN KLEEN®: The eco-friendly solvents

The RESIN KLEEN® solvents stand out for their environmental friendliness and high solvency.