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Squalane PE – high-quality ingredient for advanced skincare products

Squalane is a highly pure, saturated hydrocarbon that provides a pleasant skin feeling as an excellent emollient and supports skin regeneration. In the human body, squalane is found in small quantities in the lipid layers of the skin, where it protects the skin barrier from moisture loss. Its moisturizing effect makes squalane-PE the ideal ingredient for high-quality skin care products and ensures that the skin feels smooth and hydrated.

Chemical structure of Squalane

In the pharmaceutical industry, squalane is a widely used ingredient for medical ointments and cremes. In addition to its characteristics as emulsifier, it also has excellent dispersion properties and a high compatibility with other ingredients. Traditionally, squalane is obtained from natural sources such as shark liver or olive oil. However, both the animal origin of squalane as well as the quality losses of squalane based on olive oil have caused criticism on the consumer side. Due to the stricter labelling regulations for the origin of squalane and the transparency that comes with it, it is definitely reasonable to pay attention to the origin of squalane when developing a new medicine.

An alternative is synthetically produced squalane, which ensures consistent quality and very high purity. With Squalane-PE we offer a suitable solution, which is produced with the help of an innovative terpenoid synthesis technology. This ensures a very high quality and thus fulfils the high requirements of the latest European pharmacopoeia.


Technical Data
Chemical Name:     2,6,10,15,19,23-hexamethyltetracosane
CAS No.:                111-01-3
Appearance:           clear, colourless, oily liquid
Density:                  0,815


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Squalane PE high-quality ingredient