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Phosphatidylcholine: Cholinactive®

Phospohatdylcholines for use in food supplements: CHOLINACTIVE® helps normalize homocysteine and lipid metabolism and maintain normal liver function.

The human body consists of more than 70 trillion cells, which are responsible for various functions of our body. The functionality of these cells, is maintained, among other things, by the action of phosphatidylcholine.

Choline is thought to play a particularly important role in hepatoprotection or antihepatotoxicity, the ability of a chemical substance to prevent damage to the liver. 

In this regard, phosphatidylcholine is an important source of choline for the liver, which can support fat breakdown. Clinical studies have shown that a daily intake of 82.5mg-100mg of choline can normalize homocysteine and lipid metabolism and maintain normal liver function. The specified dosages are required for an EFSA claim to be made (EFSA Journal 2011;9(4):2056).

Cholinactive is available in the following variants:

 BasisPhosphatidylcholine contentAppearance
Cholinactive® F35Soy Lecithin35%Liquid
Cholinactive® SUN F30Sunflower Lecithin30%Liquid
Cholinactive® P20 IP und P30 IPSoy Lecithin 20-30% Powder
Cholinactive® SUN P30Sunflower Lecithin30%Powder
Cholinactive® 50, 70, 90 IPSoy Lecithin50% / 70% / 90%Wax
Cholinactive® SUN 50 und 90Sunflower Lecithin50% / 90%Wax


To learn more about the benefits of CHOLINACTIVE®, please see our flyer (click here).

You can also find an overview of the different CHOLINACTIVE® variants in our product catalog (click here).


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