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From Trend to Product:  "Beauty Unplugged"

Each year IMPAG dedicates the new concepts to a macrotrend. For the year 2020 this trend is inspired by the clean beauty movement and is named “Beauty Unplugged” by IMPAG.

Aligned with this relevant trend, several individual focus topics will enlighten different aspects of the trend “Beauty Unplugged” for you during the course of the year. 

Beauty Unplugged: Clean Beauty in all its purity

How to appeal to Clean Beauty consumers directly.

Everyone is talking about clean beauty! Many cosmetic brands who are marketing their products as “clean” have made it their goal to create care products that protect the skin from harmful influences.

This includes, for example, protecting from pollutants, sensitizers, and even certain conventional ingredients that consumers are exposed to on a daily basis.

What do Clean Beauty Consumers expect?

Yet, not all “clean beauty consumers” are the same. Not all consumers who are surfing the wave of the clean beauty trend attach the same importance to all aspects of this trend. While some place primary importance on “naturalness” and “transparency”, others don’t want to compromise on “sustainability” and “safety”. 

As a producer, it is certainly true that the more you know about the consumer, their expectations, and their motivations, the more likely it is for your cosmetic product to be a success. 

Clean Beauty: Naturalness and sustainability

With our trend presentation Beauty Unplugged, we show you how you can appeal targetedly to your clean beauty consumers.

For your inspiration, our Application Laboratory has developed a number of clean beauty formulations that can be adapted to the needs and demands of different clean beauty consumers. 

Would you like to be inspired by our concept and formulations and develop next generation skin care products? We would be happy to present the concept to you personally or via video conference.

For an appointment, please click on this Email Link.  Of course you can also reach us by phone +49 69 85 000 8-0