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Revivyl™ – Skin regeneration that respects the microbiome

The importance of the bacterial microbiome of the skin for the function and appearance of the skin is undisputed. Numerous atopic skin conditions as for example acne, neurodermatitis or psoriasis are among others also directly related to the bacterial skin microbiome. 

But how can anti-aging aspects and the promotion of a healthy skin microbiome be integrated cosmetically? 

As we age, the activity of epidermal stem cells decreases. Combined with impaired differentiation of cells into keratinocytes, the entire skin regeneration process slows down. The result is a weakened skin barrier, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and an imbalance of the skin’s natural microbiome (the stratum microbium). In-vitro and ex-vivo studies and four clinical trials show that Revivyl™

  • Activates and protects skin stem cells
  • Reactivates cellular metabolism
  • Stimulates cell differentiation
  • Strengthens the components of the skin barrier (in-vivo)
  • Reactivates natural exfoliation (in-vivo)
  • Actively protects the skin microbiota (in-vivo metagenomic study)
  • Visibly smoothes and reduces crow’s feet (in-vivo)

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Revivyl™ is free of preservatives and is excellently suited to applications for maintaining the skin microbiota and protective barrier, anti-aging products, and hydrating and regenerating skin care products.

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