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PROTECSYL: Protection of hair proteins

PROTECSYL contains an extract from Jatropha macrantha, a plant native to Peru, which has been traditionally used for its energizing, stimulating, and strengthening properties.

The extract in PROTECSYL is rich in polyphenols, proteins, and phytosterols.

In a study on dark, Caucasian hair, it was shown that PROTECSYL, applied at 5% or 10%, can reduce UV-induced protein degradation by up to 63% depending on concentration.

In another study, bleached hair tresses were double-bleached and then washed five times with a shampoo (2%) and treated three times with a leave-in solution (10%). Half of the tresses were treated with a placebo formulation. The hair fibres were analysed with contact probes that convert their roughness into audio signals. The better the hair fibre condition, the quieter the sounds. The hair cared for with PROTECSYL produced a considerably quieter sound profile, which is an indication of healthy hair and reduced roughness.

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