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CHRONOGLOW™: Epigenetic skin rejuvenation

External factors like UV radiation, lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet, along with completely normal aging, cause the skin to lose radiance and look dull.

CHRONOGLOW™ is based on an extract from the “resurrection plant”Haberlea rhodopensis, and is particularly rich in a unique active ingredient called myconoside, a polyphenol glycoside that possesses outstanding antioxidant properties.

In-vitro analyses of isolated dermal fibroblasts showed that stimulation with CHRONOGLOW™ led to increased expression of genes that perform functions important in protecting cells, repairing DNA, and forming and maintaining the extracellular matrix.

In-vitro, CHRONOGLOW™ brought about epigenetic changes in fibroblasts from elderly donors that restored a younger epigenetic appearance. CHRONOGLOW™ stimulates the synthesis of important proteins that play a role in improving the skin’s barrier function and in reducing inflammatory processes. An ex-vivo study has additionally shown that CHRONOGLOW™ protects skin proteins against UV-induced oxidation.

This “resurrection effect” was then studied in trials with volunteers. After 14 days of applying a cream containing 3% CHRONOGLOW™, a significant improvement in skin elasticity and radiance was achieved, and even continued to improve over a total of 60 days

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CHRONOGLOW™: Epigenetic skin rejuvenation