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Szechuan pepper is used as a spice in Asian cuisine, and is known for reducing the irritating properties of some foods. ZANTHALENE® is obtained from the fruits of Szechuan pepper by supercritical CO2  extraction.

The extract contains the lipophilic alkylamide alpha-hydroxy-sanshool. In a scientific study, it was shown in vitro that pain transmission is inhibited by blocking neurotransmitters in a manner similar to Botox.

In-vivo studies prove that a content of 0.5% ZANTHALENE® soothes the scalp while dying hair. In another volunteer trial, a cream containing 0.5% ZANTHALENE® reduced the perception of heat intensity without influencing the point of pain. A pilot study demonstrated that a formulation containing 1% ZANTHALENE® led to a reduction of eye wrinkles already after 30 minutes.
Given its pleasant, spicy aroma, formulations can be made without adding other perfumes or fragrances.

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