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SUGICARE Forest spa for the skin

SUGICARE is a botanical extract of Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica), also known as Sugi, a tree native to East Asia.

The phytoncides present in SUGICARE are known for their soothing and immune-boosting action. The isopimaric acid known as “cedar acid” also effectively supports skin renewal – one of the reasons why SUGICARE has a positive effect on the skin’s appearance. After 4 weeks of application, for example, SUGICARE reduced the number of wrinkles in the eye region by 46.3%.

Our skin reveals a lot of information about how we are feeling. In fact, the expression being “emotionally charged” is quite accurate, since the electrical conductivity of our skin subtly changes when we feel strong emotions.

In one trial, an analysis of emotional excitation by measuring the galvanic skin response using an advanced facial and eye tracking system showed that the volunteers experienced feelings that were associated with wellbeing and positive sensations after applying SUGICARE.

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