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IBR-UrBioTect – Protection against urban pollution

With IBR-UrBioTect, our partner IBR presents a natural and innovative extract from Inula helenium that protects the skin against the negative impacts of environmental pollution and against premature skin aging.

Studies show that IBR-UrBioTect significantly inhibits the ROS production induced by blue light, and prevents the accumulation of ROS in the skin cells, which could otherwise lead to premature skin aging and hyperpigmentation.

IBR-UrBioTect has proven in studies to be a metal chelator that could possibly help to neutralize skin-damaging heavy metal contaminants. The active agent also reduces the toxicity of pollutants in aquaculture and exhibits prebiotic advantages. 

A clinical trial (in a smokers‘ environment) furthermore shows that IBR-UrBioTect has skin-lightening effects (+25%), reduces the number of wrinkles, and improves both skin elasticity and the skin’s barrier function. 

Further studies are still being conducted. 



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