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Bio-Capigen Veg: The vegetable alternative to animal keratin

BIO-CAPIGEN VEG is the vegetable alternative to animal keratin. It is a biotechnologically produced complex of natural origin. It is a special mixture of hydrolyzed soy protein, red onion, ginseng extract, B group

vitamins, sulfopeptides, glucose and amino acids.

The efficacy of BIO-CAPIGEN VEG was tested in a clinical trial on patients with hair loss. An in-vivo trial was performed on 21 male volunteers with androgenetic alopecia (level III to V on the Norwood/Hamilton

scale). A shampoo containing 3% BIO-CAPIGEN VEG was applied together with an ampoule containing 10% BIO-CAPIGEN VEG. This combination was repeated three times a week over a period of 28 days.

The results of this in-vivo study show a significant improvement in hair density (+10.9%) and an increase in both hair count (+10.2%) and the anagen/telogen ratio (13.1%) in favour of the anagen growth phase.

Further in-vitro studies on human keratinocytes reveal significant stimulation of keratin-1 expression upon treatment with 0.25% BIO-CAPIGEN VEG. Accordingly, BIOCAPIGEN VEG can be regarded as a vegetable alternative for animal keratin.

Bio-Capigen Veg



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