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MASKNYL™ Soothing of mask-induced skin problems

In times of pandemic, wearing a protective mask has become the new normal. However, frequently wearing a mask can lead to maskne (Acne mechanica). The warm, humid atmosphere produced by the breath under the mask creates ideal conditions for excessive bacterial growth, which can quickly lead to blocked pores and pimples. Adding to this is the physical contact with the mask, which can cause reddening and irritation.

The phytoactive ingredient MASKNYL™ counteracts mask-induced skin problems such as reddening, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation. MASKNYLTM contains polyglycosylated phytomelin components from Sophora japonica (also known as the Japanese pagoda tree or Chinese scholar tree).

The results of a double blind clinical trial show that twice-daily application of a cream containing 1% MASKNYL™ achieves the following significant effects:
•    Visible reduction of red blemishes and healing of skin inflammations in only 24 hours (especially when a surgical mask was worn)
•    Reduction of hyperpigmentation and brown patches in only four days
•    Improvement of skin comfort and skin structure: 74% of the volunteers emphasized that their skin had become softer and less tense.

MASKNYL™ is a vegan, COSMOS approved and China compliant multifunctional active ingredient for soothing and calming skin stressed by wearing a mask.

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