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MANGIXYL™ – For microbiome-friendly sebum regulation

MANGIXYL™ reduces the activity of genes that are associated with lipogenesis. The primary substances in the raw material can mimic the action of retinoids. Retinoids are often the first choice in the local treatment of acne.

It has been shown in vitro and ex vivo that MANGIXYL™ can reduce lipogenesis in sebocytes and shrink the volume of sebaceous glands without affecting the structure of the glands.

In placebo-controlled trials, volunteers of diverse ethnicities applied a cream with or without 1% MANGIXYL™ to the face over a total of 28 days. MANGIXYL™ reduced the skin’s sebum content on African, Caucasian, and Asian skin. On Caucasian skin, a reduction in TEWL was demonstrated. At the same time, the lipase activity of C. acnes was reduced without bringing the microflora out of balance.

In another study, it was shown that the application of MANGIXYL™ in a shampoo reduced the sebum content of the scalp after 28 days.

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For microbiome-friendly sebum regulation