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ECODROPGEL Fine droplets, big effect

The latest cosmetic trend from Korea is based on the “water drop” effect and inspires us with its light and fresh texture, which provides a unique sensory and visual experience on the skin. Entirely without silicone!

This effect is based on the new emulsifier system "EcoDropGel", which produces water-in-oil emulsions with an extremely high water phase.

The water drops of 100–150 μm size are dispersed in the oil phase. Despite these relatively large water droplets, a very stable emulsion system is formed that produces a very special texture. The emulsion has a rich consistency at first, which quickly gives way to a pleasantly light texture that provides the skin with optimum moisture. This is because, immediately after it is applied to the skin, fine droplets of water break out of the texture, making the water drop effect visible to the user and ensuring a pleasantly fresh, cooling and therefore unforgettable skin feel. This makes the technology ideal for "Moisturizing Effect" claims.

ECODROPGEL can be produced in a very short time using simple stirring tools and without the use of homogenizers, even when cold processing. Emulsions made with ECODROPGEL are characterized by excellent pick-up and are viscoelastic and non-sticky.

In line with this trend from Korea, we present our own formula containing ECODROPGEL. Discover its unique skin feel with our Water Drop Face Mask – a soothing and caring mask for dry skin with the refreshing “water drop” effect.