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Beauty from almonds for skin and hair

DULCEMIN® PW Bio contains glycoproteins from the sweet almond (Prunus dulcis) for skin and hair care. These proteins have a special composition with many amino acids that are components of the NMFs. The methionine and cysteine contained also have a strong affinity for the uppermost skin layer.

In a volunteer trial with 21 female volunteers who applied a cream with or without 0.5% DULCEMIN® PW Bio daily on the forearm, an improvement in skin moisture and skin regeneration was observed. In another trial with 10 female volunteers over 28 days, a reduction in wrinkles was observed. Furthermore, DULCEMIN® PW Bio can improve the skin’s appearance and lend greater radiance and shine to the complexion. Given its film-forming effect, DULCEMIN® PW Bio reduces the deposition of microparticles, facilitates skin cleansing, and thus protects the skin against environmental stress.

This action also has a positive effect on hair: 0.13% DULCEMIN® PW Bio in a shampoo (ex vivo) brought about a significant improvement in hair texture and sensory qualities.

Note: some of the trials were performed with a liquid variant of DULCEMIN®.

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This raw material brings beauty from the almond for skin and hair.