Cobiowhite – For lighter and healthier skin

With Cobiowhite, our partner Cobiosa has developed a vegetable extract with a skin-lightening and antioxidative action. Cobiowhite inhibits both melanogenesis and tyrosinase...


Revivyl™ – Holistic acceleration of skin regeneration

With Revivyl™, our partner Givaudan has developed an active ingredient that reactivates the entire skin regeneration process, from the deep layers to the surface of the skin.


IBR-Snowflake® – Antiperspirant extract from the summer snowflake for hot days

Besides the already well substantiated wrinkle-reducing action of the dormins in IBR-Snowflake®, recent studies have revealed that the summer snowflake extract also exhibits an ant...


Naturesoft 800: Ultrafine cellulose powder

The ultrafine cellulose powder Naturesoft 800 has properties that improve touch and an unbeatable binding capacity for compact powders used in long-lasting applications. The...


NATURESCRUB: Exfoliating powders based on natural waxes

The NATURESCRUB line of micropowders is a range of exfoliating powders based on natural waxes.

Naturescrub exfoliators are an excellent alternative to so-called...


DAPHNE VitaSense – Innovative skin protector against cold

Ready for the winter? DAPHNE VitaSense is your skin protector against cold!


IBR-GAPTURE®: Jojoba leaf extract to combat external pollutants

IBR-GAPTURE® is a water-soluble extract from the leaves of Simmondsia is native to desert regions and has developed a unique survival strategy against these extreme conditions.


FRESHSTAT™: Antimicrobial additive

FRESHSTAT™ (40% cetylpyridinium chloride in propylene glycol) is a versatile and safe antimicrobial additive. Even at low application concentrations of around 0.1%, Freshstat™...


ISOPENTYLDIOL (IPD): Solvent, binder and humectant

ISOPENTYLDIOL (IPD) is an innovative multitalent: Solvent, binder and humectant


ZINC OXIDE SunZnO: Effective UV protection and good stability in formulations

Reapproved as a UV filter: As of 22 April 2016, ZINC OXIDE is officially  approved Europe-wide as a UV filter in cosmetics. Our partner SUNJIN BEAUTY SCIENCE offers both the...


SYNSCRUB line – New particle sizes and colours available

The synthetic waxes of the SYNCRUB particle line are biodegradable and therefore suitable as effective, economical and environmentally friendly alternatives to polyethylene scrub...


BIOSCRUB line / BIOWHITE – New particle size and colour available for the natural scrub particle

Micro Powders has expanded its Bioscrub line to include a new particle size with the new BIOSCRUB 100PC particles.