ResistHyal™ – Protected and better groomed hair thanks to this 7-in-1 active

The next generation hair care active ResistHyal™ contains the optimal ratio of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids, dissolved in a mixture of water and lactic acid. In...


Cobio-Phytonic – Natural radiant look

With its decongestive, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, the preservative-free active complex Cobio-Phytonic is especially suitable for eye care


EcoDropGel and Sunsil Oleo – Innovations from our partner Sunjin

The two new raw materials from Sunjin are perfect for developing highest quality formulations.

While EcoDropGel creates a sensory and visual experience thanks to its “Water Drop...


Cobiowhite – For lighter and healthier skin

With Cobiowhite, our partner Cobiosa has developed a vegetable extract with a skin-lightening and antioxidative action. Cobiowhite inhibits both melanogenesis and tyrosinase...


Revivyl™ – Holistic acceleration of skin regeneration

With Revivyl™, our partner Givaudan has developed an active ingredient that reactivates the entire skin regeneration process, from the deep layers to the surface of the skin.


IBR-Snowflake® – Antiperspirant extract from the summer snowflake for hot days

Besides the already well substantiated wrinkle-reducing action of the dormins in IBR-Snowflake®, recent studies have revealed that the summer snowflake extract also exhibits an ant...


Naturesoft 800: Ultrafine cellulose powder

The ultrafine cellulose powder Naturesoft 800 has properties that improve touch and an unbeatable binding capacity for compact powders used in long-lasting applications. The...


NATURESCRUB: Exfoliating powders based on natural waxes

The NATURESCRUB line of micropowders is a range of exfoliating powders based on natural waxes.

Naturescrub exfoliators are an excellent alternative to so-called...


DAPHNE VitaSense – Innovative skin protector against cold

Ready for the winter? DAPHNE VitaSense is your skin protector against cold!


IBR-GAPTURE®: Jojoba leaf extract to combat external pollutants

IBR-GAPTURE® is a water-soluble extract from the leaves of Simmondsia is native to desert regions and has developed a unique survival strategy against these extreme conditions.


FRESHSTAT™: Antimicrobial additive

FRESHSTAT™ (40% cetylpyridinium chloride in propylene glycol) is a versatile and safe antimicrobial additive. Even at low application concentrations of around 0.1%, Freshstat™...


ISOPENTYLDIOL (IPD): Solvent, binder and humectant

ISOPENTYLDIOL (IPD) is an innovative multitalent: Solvent, binder and humectant