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With focus on consumer trends and specific industrial needs, we supply our customers with high quality raw materials and actives for the personal care industry and provide advice on how to use them


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Innovations, trends and concepts for Personal Care


COBIOGUM – Natural gelling agent

The natural gelling agent COBIOGUM is obtained from the seeds of Caesalpina spinosa, also known as Tara, and has wonderful rheological properties. 


CISTE'M: protects against blue light and UV radiation

CISTE´M® makes use of the plant’s highly interesting and effective protection systems, which are located above all in the leaves of the plant. There, they serve as protection…


ECODROPGEL Fine droplets, big effect

The latest cosmetic trend from Korea is based on the “water drop” effect and inspires us with its light and fresh texture, which provides a unique sensory and visual experience on…


UPCYCLING Too good to waste: do your skin and the environment a favour!

Upcycling is the conversion of seemingly useless by-products into substances that are as good as new ones. One example of how the cosmetics industry is responding to the growing…


THE RAMBUTAN PROJECT For the sustainable procurement of innovative active ingredients

Discover this amazing social and environmental project which focusses on the fascinating exotic plant Rambutan.



IMPAG is awarded Ecovadis Silver Status

Silver Status from EcoVadis

IMPAG Group wurde von EcoVadis mit dem Silber-Status zur Anerkennung ihrer…

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Forward thinking for 100 years!

[Translate to English:] IMPAG Interview

In an interview with COSSMA, Remo Bernardi, Dr Vera Maienschein and Dr Isabelle…

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