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With focus on consumer trends and specific industrial needs, we supply our customers with high quality raw materials and actives for the personal care industry and provide advice on how to use them


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Innovations, trends and concepts for Personal Care


FUCOREVERSE PF – An anti-aging glyconutrient for sensitive skin

Designed for anti-aging skin care products and particularly suitable for sensitive skins, Fucoreverse PF is composed of fucoses which play a major role in the skin physiology as...


HEALTHYSKIN – visibly young and healthy skin

The marine ingredient Healthyskin offers a global approach to restoring the three health-promoting, epidermal and physiological mechanisms for a visibly younger and healthier...


Bio-Capigen Veg: The vegetable alternative to animal keratin

BIO-CAPIGEN VEG is the vegetable alternative to animal keratin. It is a biotechnologically produced complex of natural origin. 


COBIOBALANCE – Microbiome-regulating Yacon extract

COBIOBALANCE improves the luminosity and the tone of skin and, by stimulating the skin’s natural defences and simultaneously protecting the microbiome, restores the comfort of...


IBR-UrBioTect – Protection against urban pollution

With IBR-UrBioTect, we present a natural and innovative extract from Inula helenium that protects the skin against the negative impacts of environmental pollution and against...


BisaboLife™: highly pure, sustainable (-)-alpha-bisabolol

BisaboLife™ is the sustainable variant of (-)-alpha-bisabolol.

- contains at least 97% of the natural active isomer
- is obtained from sustainable raw materials using...



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